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The Best and Worst Toilets at UK Music Festivals – 327 Words

Every now and again some interested party decides to survey UK music festival goers about various aspects of their festival experience. This provides data on the best and worst toilets at UK music festivals.

Going back to 2005, festival goers rated the Reading and Leeds Festivals as having the worst toilets. If you can stand to look, click here for a photograph. Glastonbury and V Festival came out the winners in the best toilets category. In fact, some consider Glastonbury loos to be part of the festival experience. In a 2013 survey, a quarter of the respondents stated that what they missed most were clean toilets. 71% said they would like luxury loos at festivals

A loo tour of festival sites will likely reveal the following types of facilities.


These aren’t bad IF they are treated with respect by users. They lock, thus preventing an inebriated festival reveler from barging in. Sometimes they even flush.

Slurry Pits with Long Drops

Very basic, consisting of large metal frames placed over a large slurry pit dug in the ground. Each frame contains approximately twenty cubicles. The cubicles have small doors, which don’t lock. They are airy because they have no roof (a mixed blessing if it’s raining!).

“Continental” Toilets

These are the holes in the ground with footprints on either side type. Pleasant enough if you have good balance! Buckets of water and brushes are provided for cleanups.


For those who are fortunate enough to be able to relieve themselves standing up, urinals are available in various forms. 

In Conclusion

Don’t be deterred from attending a music festival because you are worried about going to the loo. Decent toilet facilities can be found to make the experience not as unpleasant as you may imagine.

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