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Colorful Dinner Jackets – 287 Words

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, featuring more black tie events than at any other time of year. Women can show off their finest gowns in a variety of fabrics and colors, and now men can begin to rival them in the range of choices available for men’s holiday formalwear.

Let’s Liven Up the Tuxedo!

Traditionally, it was difficult for a man to get too excited about his dinner jacket – he could choose the cut and the lapel width, and that was about the extent of it. This year, though, the holiday season will be more colorful as many designers have become more daring with the styles, fabrics and colors of dinner jackets.

Midnight Blue is the New Black!

No More Boring Black! Color is in – for example, choose white, burgundy or midnight blue. Don’t be afraid to be even more adventurous and go for printed fabrics, textured silks, or brocades.

Famous designers have gone all out to make you gentlemen feel more festive this holiday season. Louis Vuitton has designed an evening jacket in a rich blue silk. Etro has a collection of gorgeous velvet dinner jackets in rich jewel tones and finished with fun piping. Gucci has embellished a black dinner jacket with a floral print. And, check out Ascot Chang’s plaid dinner jacket with velvet lapels.

So, gentlemen, adopt a less conservative attitude and have some fun when buying a new dinner suit or tuxedo. Pick one that represents your personality and ask the woman in your life to help you. Women love to dress up, and she will enjoy helping you to do the same. 

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