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The Design-Build Kitchen – What’s New From the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show? – 601 Words

The annual Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), held this year in Las Vegas from January 19-21, is the “pulse” of the design-build kitchen and bath industry and like a trip to Disneyland for designers from all over the world. The following are some of the latest innovations and trends from the leading kitchen brands that were on display. For a look at Architectural Digest‘s best picks please click here.

More Color in the Kitchen

The overarching trend in kitchen design appears to be a definite move away from the traditional or classical and a universal embrace of the contemporary. On display was a greater use of color and mixing of materials and metals, including some beautiful sinks in hammered nickel, copper, and bronze. The white kitchen was not much in evidence, although the interior color trendsetter Benjamin Moore selected Simply White as its 2016 color of the year.

The Latest from La Cornue

Luxury brands have been teaming up with internationally-recognized designers to add “designer panache” to their brands. For example, La Cornue showed its Couleur Collection, incorporating an eye-catching pastel-colored palette from the award-winning interior designer Suzanne Kasler.

Stainless Steel Made More Interesting

Plain stainless steel fixtures and appliances are being replaced by stainless steel with a carbon-look finish. Also, brass fixtures are making a comeback – not the traditional polished brass but brass with a brushed and satin finish.

Marble Look-Alikes

Manufacturers continue to make giant leaps forward in the development of durable, man-made products engineered to look like natural stone, such as granite and marble. These surfaces need much less maintenance than their natural inspirations.

Cabinets Become Warmer

With respect to cabinets, there is renewed interest in warm woods and mixing paint and wood. White oak, in particular, is making a comeback with enhancement of the grain by glazes or cerused finishes.

Steam Ovens

Double ovens utilizing steam and convection, with steam being the main feature, made a big impression. These stoves provide a way to prepare food for more nutritional value and better taste. And, a steam oven can be installed under a countertop.

Hi-Tech Products

Tying in to the “Internet of Things” were many “smarter-tech” products that can be controlled remotely from a mobile device. For instance coffee makers can be switched on to brew, ovens preheated, and refrigerators programmed to “tell” householders when they need to buy more milk.

Innovative Storage

Under-cabinet refrigeration is definitely a thing of the future, and not just in the kitchen. Now you can reach for a cold drink in the master bedroom without having to trek all the way downstairs. Another “under” innovation is the under-counter microwave drawer which frees up space on kitchen countertops.

Of interest were some small wine holders, the size of a microwave for just one case of vino, or skinny so that six bottles can be tucked away anywhere.

Not So Lazy Susan from Glide Ware attracted a lot of attention. This storage device is operated by a top wheel and designed so that pots and pans hang down from it without clanking into each other.  

Transform Your Walls

Wall tile designs featured textured looks and dimensional tiles with a sculptured appearance in porcelain or concrete were consistent across manufacturers. Also, there was a proliferation of black and white tiles in dazzling geometric patterns.


The modern kitchen is destined to be more innovative, attractive, comfortable, and time-saving than ever before and kitchen-build designers are already anticipating what will be on display at the 2017 KBIS in Orlando, Florida. 

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