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Heating Repair – Signs That Your Furnace is Failing – 311 Words

If your furnace is close to failing and needs some heating repair, it will signal to you that it is in trouble, but you will miss the following signs if you don’t pay attention.

Certain rooms in your home are warmer than others – Your dysfunctional furnace is not distributing warm air around your home in an efficient manner.

You are being forced to listen to a cacophony of weird noises – banging, rattling, groaning, whining, or popping sounds. Although no furnace is whisper quiet, the only audible sound should be coming from the blower. However, your furnace is not running efficiently if the blower is turning on and off constantly. And, if you have to press “reset” several times a day, this also is a bad sign.

Your energy bills are always going up – You have grumbled about high utility bills but have laid the blame on increasing energy prices. However, your failing furnace will be working harder to provide the same volume of heat, and this will be reflected in your bills.

Your burner flame is not blue – If it’s yellow, this is an indication that your furnace may be leaking dangerous carbon monoxide. Other omens are sooty streaks near the furnace, patches of rust on the flue pipes, and “dew” on cold surfaces such as walls or windows.

Health issues – If you have seen an increase in allergies or asthma among members of your family, your poorly-operating heating system may be circulating irritants such as dust or mold, throughout your house.

The age of your furnace – If your furnace is turning into a fossil at more than fifteen years of age, it’s time to consider replacing it.


To keep your furnace working smoothly and constantly, it’s vital to have it cleaned and maintained regularly. Contact us to arrange for a furnace health check from one of our qualified technicians.


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