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Why is Patio Furniture So Expensive? – 462 Words

Summer and outdoor living are almost here, and anyone who is shopping for patio furniture will know about sticker price shock. You might ask why is patio furniture so expensive, but that is the wrong question. The right question is why is quality patio furniture so expensive? The answer is that items in the outdoor furniture family have to withstand one thing that their indoor cousins do not – the weather.

Cheap Patio Furniture

In 2013 outdoor furniture sales amounted to approximately 4.05 billion dollars, and in 2015 more than 80% of households planned to purchase one or more items of outdoor furniture or accessories. So, it’s certainly true that you can go to various stores and see attractive-looking patio furniture sets for only a few hundred dollars. But are they a good deal? The answer is only if you are prepared to regard them as disposable consumer items, as they will only last for a season or two. Inexpensive furniture is generally made of components that are arc welded together and given a spray coating that mimics hammered metal or verdigris bronze. They come with plastic webbing and “water resistant” cushions or mesh fabrics stretched between frames.

Cheap Usually Doesn’t Also Mean Good

Quality and longevity are the factors usually absent in cheap patio furniture. The problem is that after one or two seasons, this type of furniture starts to look ratty. The sun fades the finish, the aluminum oxidizes and bubbles up the paint, the cushions rot and mildew, straps hang down, and stretched fabric becomes bowed. Worse, the warranty period runs out and repair is not a cost-effective option.

Durable Furniture

The reason why patio furniture is so expensive is because top brands use high-quality, durable materials. The materials, finishes, and fabrics will hold up longer to mother nature than those used in more inexpensive products. The other element included in the price is the cost of the warranty associated with each piece of furniture. Most long-lasting products come with furniture warranties ranging from three to twenty years depending on the materials used. Your quality furniture display on your patio can also be enhanced by a fire pit and decorative accents.


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